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Zello is a push-to-talk communication app that, when installed, provides your PC with a means to connect to a communication network by establishing your own channel or integrating into an existing one. Zello can connect to a portable communication device such as an iPhone or Android device in a manner similar to that of walkie-talkies.

The program itself is quite intuitive and easy to use. After installation and launch, users can access a pretty straightforward interface with menus and windows placed accurately and providing full coverage of functionality. You can access connection menus to establish a communication channel with a device that also has Zello installed, even it it's a phone with protection. After that, communicating becomes faster and easier due to the program's developers who made it a point to create a one-click connection.

Setting up and adjusting your connection is easy as well. Zello has centralized the settings menu with user profile control, channel monitoring, connection encryption, once again, originating from the walkie-talkie functionality that protects the channel and increases confidentiality, as well as an option to connect to already existing radio networks via your telephone. The desktop application uses a browser to access online features and establish connections.

To conclude, Zello is a nice alternative to other instant communication apps well-suited for corporate and business purposes.

James Lynch
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